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Surely you spend your life jumping from shampoo to shampoo in the hope of one day finding the ideal one. Sergilac was born to change this trend. Once you try the professional hairdressing shampoos made based on your specific needs, you’ll never want to change. Sergilac's promise!

Special care when choosing each ingredient that makes up the formula of these professional hairdressing products, coupled with the softness and shine that provide, will make you irreversibly LOVE your hair. Sergilac's promise!

This is the origin of Sergilac, manufacturers of hair products and professional hairdressing shop, dedicated to both professional and private sales, which pampers your hair so that you get spectacular results. Sergilac's promise!

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Having a long hair is not just fashionable, it's a source of happiness. And this can only be the result of a Sergilac hair care routine. Our professional hairdressing products are designed to squeeze the maximum potential of your hair.

The needs of each hair are different. As manufacturers of hair products, in our professional hairdressing shop, each formula of each professional hairdressing shampoo is designed according to the hair objective you want to achieve: hydration, regeneration, strengthening,... and much more!

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