Sergilac, a philosophy of life

Sergilac is a philosophy of life. Unique products of the highest quality, young and carefree. With character and with one goal: to enjoy your hair.

We love spectacular hair. That's why we dedicate our daily work to create unique hair cosmetics, daring and with character, attending to the needs of each hair.

And once you try them, you'll never want them to leave your routine.

Life is short, live it with a truly AMAZING mane!

Free yourself and let us take care of everything: research, creation and production of hair cosmetics with the best ingredients and properties for your hair. Because moving on to strong, soft and healthy hair will make you love it irremediably, Sergilac's promise!

Own it, use it and love it!

Sergilac, your brand

And where do our products come from? We could say they come from a magic wand, but that's not the case. Our team takes care of every detail, every ingredient and every formula to create hair cosmetics with the results you really want: amazing hair.

We are a family business with experience in the manufacture of cosmetics from 1932. We develop our passion for creating hair products from our 6000m2 factory in Barcelona, Spain.

From here we know that both you and your hair are unique. That's why we have specific lines that meet the needs of each hair, whether it's straight, dyed, curly, unruly, damaged, rough, etc.

Do you dare to try us? We dare you to make a change, because following a straight line is boring!

Where can you find us?